Is Overspending Actually Making your Happy?

It is worth thinking to start with whether overspending is actually making you happy. You may get pleasure from buying an item when you first buy it of course. But how long will that pleasure last? If you have had to borrow money to buy it and repaying that loan stresses you or you have to go without other things to pay for that item then that may not be much fun. If you want other things more but you have already spent the money, then this can be a factor as well. It is therefore worth thinking back about purchases that you have made in the past and think about whether you really have enjoyed it as much as you thought. Also think about items that you want to buy and consider how much you will use them and whether they really will make you happy and be fun or whether you will soon move on to something else.

You Can Pay Less and Still Buy as Much

It is a good idea to start comparing prices on the items that you are buying. Think about every item that you buy from insurance to carrots and whether you could pay less for them. If you can reduce the amount you are paying for different items, you will be able to save money but still be able to buy as much. It will take some effort to do this but it can actually be really satisfying to be able to know that you are no longer paying more than necessary for the items that you buy. Of course, there may be some items that you want to pay more money for. This might sound odd but it is about value for money. Sometimes it is just not worth paying less for things because the quality is not so good, but sometimes we will be paying more than necessary and we can cut down.

You May Enjoy Things More if you Have Less

It is also worth considering whether you might enjoy things more if you actually do not buy so many things. You will have more time to enjoy the items that you are buying if you do not buy so many different items. You might even rediscover things that you already have that you have not really had the time to enjoy. It is worth considering whether this might be the case with you and your things. It is easy to think that we will have more fun and enjoy life more if we spend more money. However, there is a great freedom in learning to love what we already have and be satisfied with that. It might a bit new age hippy, but actually it can be something that we can all do. We can all start to appreciate things more. Think about the time ad effort that went into the things that you have bought. Someone has spent time designing the item and someone else has spent time making it and if you do not spend time appreciating that then their time is not being appreciated. So, if you can spend more time enjoying each thing that you buy then you will end up spending less and you might even have more fun.

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